Supportive Meetings at Boca House

There are several types of meetings that occur at Boca House for Men. These meetings are structured so men get into the habit of communicating, listening, and sharing–values that strengthen recovery.

Every morning there is a motivational meeting. This particular meeting is structured to help those new to sober living without work or school. It helps those new to recovery get up and started each day, but all residents are welcome. Subjects such as setting short term goals and listening to a motivational reading set the tone for the rest of the day. Many people in recovery have a morning discipline such as the one described above to help start the day.

Every Tuesday evening there is a poolside speaker meeting for residents in Phase I. An outside speaker from AA or NA with a commitment to his sobriety and a desire to help others understand recovery, shares his experience, strength and hope. He will speak about his journey and recovery, the 12 Steps and any related topic: sponsorship, attendance at meetings, dealing with feelings.His talk will be specific describing his life while drinking and drugging, how he found recover, what happened, and what it is like now in recovery. This personal sharing provides a frame of reference for all who attend. There is much that can be learned by listening to the story of another person in recovery. Men quickly learn their feelings, experiences, anger, shame, self-doubts etc. are not unique and that drugs and alcohol are not needed to cope with life.

Every Sunday evening a community meeting is held. This meeting is for all residents. Upcoming events and happenings are discussed, as well as updates on what has happened during the week. Newcomers are welcomed and introduced to Big Brothers. Big Brothers is a mentorship program at Boca House to help new residents feel comfortable.

Such meetings help the newcomer break through isolation and feel a greater sense of belonging to a community. Meetings help those further along in recovery maintain focus on recovery.

More information about joining the sober living community at Boca House for Men can be obtained by calling 877-957-8187.

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