Detox, PHP, IOP, OP at TA

Man overlooking city. At Boca House for Men, we offer help for men who have relapsed.

At Boca House for Men, we offer a full scope of services to support recovery and sobriety for men at all stages of recovery. Whether this is your first time reaching out for help or you’ve relapsed, we’re here for you. We understand how difficult the recovery process can be, not just for those struggling with addiction, but for friends and family as well. The key is to find resources that support the journey to true sober living in Florida. At Boca House for Men, our family of facilities provides a full continuum of care to meet all treatment needs.

Boca House for Men Can Help Those Who Relapse


The core idea of a sober living house or a quality halfway house is sobriety. It is impossible for men trying to live clean and sober to be surrounded by men who are using and acting out. Relapse can happen as addiction is powerful. When relapse occurs, the individual must leave Boca House and enter a different men’s treatment center from our family of facilities. This is because relapse means that the patient needs more detailed care, but we offer a variety of approaches to help. The appropriate level of treatment can address the reasons for relapse (behavior and thinking, triggers, cravings, stress). In such cases, Boca House has an affiliation with a quality, dual diagnosis treatment facility.

Treatment Alternatives and its affiliates can provide the man who relapses with a medically monitored detox–if that is needed. Upon the completion of detox, the man can move into PHP, IOP, or OP treatment programs depending upon the nature and severity of the relapse. Our men’s halfway house is partnered with a full family of treatment options for those who relapse.

Where to Go When Relapse Happens


When a patient relapses, they cannot stay at our Boca House for Men facility, as this facility offers care for later stages of recovery. Still, we do offer other options to help men in this difficult situation. Our family of Treatment Alternatives facilities offers all levels of care to help men get back on track after relapse.


Detox: Treatment Alternatives and its affiliates provide men and women with a medically monitored comfortable detox. There are two physicians who closely monitor each client. Medications to ease the pain of withdrawal and manage mental health episodes or disorders are provided as needed. Every client will receive a comprehensive medical, emotional, psychosocial evaluation. An individualized treatment plan will be developed.


PHP: Treatment Alternative offers a Partial Hospitalization Program with housing, if needed. PHP provides medical supervision as well as treatment. PHP is an alternative to inpatient treatment, and is a highly structured addiction program.


IOP: Treatment Alternatives offers Intensive Outpatient Programs that allow patients to receive treatment and go to work or school. Patients in IOP do not require medical supervision. Housing is available if it is needed.


OP: Treatment Alternatives offers an Outpatient Program. In some respects, it is similar to aftercare where an individual lives at home, works, or goes to school, and attends group counseling and individual counseling once a week.


If you are clean and sober and want to live in a supportive, safe, caring community that can reinforce sobriety, call 877-957-8187. If you have suffered from a relapse, our family of facilities can help. Call today.


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