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Boca House for Men Can Help Those Who Relapse

Whether or not we’d like to admit it, we’re all very influenced by our environment. Because of this, environment means everything when it comes to recovery. If you have completed a treatment program and you’re looking to start on a new sober future, you need to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded individuals at a men’s halfway house. It’s impossible for men to live clean and sober when they’re surrounded by others who are acting out and using. Relapse can happen, and it’s important to have the right support to help stave off the possibility of relapse. If relapse does occur, or if you find that you need further treatment, you can count on our affiliated treatment professionals. At Boca House for Men, we share an affiliation with Treatment Alternatives and other quality treatment programs.

Treatment Alternatives and its affiliates provide treatment for relapse, addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, and other challenges. Their program includes medically monitored detox, which can be crucial for your health and successful recovery. After detox, Treatment Alternatives helps patients with a variety of treatment options, including PHP, IOP, and OP treatment programs. The program choice will vary depending upon the severity of the relapse or addiction.

Detox: Detox is crucial for recovery from addiction, alcoholism, substance abuse, and relapse. It is the process by which the body breaks free from the chemical controls of drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Treatment Alternatives has partnered with safe, medically monitored detox solutions. Options include Boca Detox and Detox of Delray. Both services focus on comfort and safety above all else during the detox process. Whether you’re undergoing alcohol detox, detoxing from opiates, or you need to detox after a relapse, there is a program for you.

The detox process varies from patient to patient. For many detox situations, a patient may need 24/7 medical monitoring in the early stages of detox. This is because drugs and alcohol can be highly controlling, and difficult to break free from. This is why it’s important to detox at a facility that offers medically monitored detox.

PHP: Treatment Alternatives offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with housing as well. Many men choose PHP as an alternative to inpatient treatment. This highly structured addiction program offers medial supervision and treatment as well. Many people choose PHP treatment when they’re first starting in recovery, or when they’re struggling with co-occurring disorders.

The Treatment Alternatives approach to PHP is unique, due to their residences. When undergoing PHP treatment, men can reside at a Treatment Alternatives facility. These facilities offer comprehensive care and effective treatment to support sobriety. PHP at Treatment Alternatives includes supportive communities.

IOP: May men choose an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as their next step in recovery.  For many, IOP is the next step after completing a PHP or residential treatment program. IOP works with a part-time schedule which offers robust support while allowing individuals to begin transitioning into other responsibilities or living situations.

With IOP at Treatment Alternatives, those in treatment can receive rehab care while maintaining their responsibilities outside of a treatment setting. Patients can continue going to work or school while receiving intensive outpatient treatment. Typically, IOP patients do not need medical supervision. Treatment Alternatives offers housing for IOP patients.

OP: Outpatient treatment (OP) is seen as the next step in treatment. Treatment Alternatives offers OP care for those who need it. Essentially, OP treatment is an aftercare service which provides support to men in recovery as they live at home, work, go to school, and head back into a sober daily routine. OP treatment includes group counseling and individual counseling on a weekly basis. Many men find that OP allows them to solidify their sobriety.

After relapse, there are steps men must take to get back onto the path of recovery. At Boca House for Men, we work with Treatment Alternatives to offer the comprehensive solutions men need to get sober after relapse. Our team is here to help you live drug and alcohol free at our men’s sober house.

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