How to Differentiate a Good Treatment Center from a Bad One

How to Differentiate a Good Treatment Center from a Bad One

Checking into a treatment center is an important first step for a person to take towards an addiction free lifestyle. The downside is that asking someone to seek assistance at a sober living facility for men without understanding what the treatment center is all about can be a hard sell. Without being properly educated, it can be easy for families to check their loved ones into a situation that isn’t ideal.

Although recreational drug use is common, no one “enjoys” being a social outcast due to substance abuse, nor are they a fan of the unpleasant symptoms that comes with withdrawal. This make being a resident of a treatment center which places an emphasis on the comfort and success of the individual’s recover even more vital.

What to Look for in a Sober Living Facility for Men  


Group Therapy and Individual Therapy Options. Part of the detox and recovery process involves therapy sessions with trained medical personnel. Each treatment center differs in what therapy options they allow for their patients. Some will only provide group therapy in which the psychiatrist will counsel multiple patients at once in an open dialogue setting. Individual therapy is a one on one session where a patient may confide in the therapist with privacy. Preference is key for the individual going through recovery and having the ability to provide them the support they need is a great characteristic of a treatment center.

Recreational Activities. An addict that finds themselves in a treatment center may feel imprisoned. A good treatment center will offer indoor and outdoor activities to help the patient cope with the process. They may offer programs like yoga, which may incorporate meditation and addiction recovery practices.  It’s important for a resident of a treatment center to have an outlet for their emotions. Positive activities aid to promote the recovery process and encourage a passion for being productive in areas outside of the addict lifestyle.

Licensure. This is very important to research from a treatment center. It doesn’t happen often, but there are some places that operate without the correct licenses. Any treatment center that doesn’t follow lawful practices should most certainly be avoided.

Living Accommodations. What sort of food is being served to the patients is important. The same applies to where they sleep and the softness of the beds. Comfort is very important for anyone and men suffering from addiction are no exception to the rule. Determine whether the treatment center is doing everything they can to ensure the comfortability of their patients before deciding that they are the place for your loved one to begin treatment.

What Do Residents Have to Say. At the end of the day, the residents of a quality treatment center will give you all the information that you need to know. Any sober living facility that doesn’t have a positive reputation from the men who are residents of it will likely not be an ideal place for your loved one to be admitted to. The focus of every treatment center should be the success rate of recovery among its residents. Though every situation is different, there’s a reason some facilities continue to operate for years while some don’t.

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