Boca House Sober Living for Men

Quick Facts About the Boca House for Men location:

• Located 2 miles from the Boca Raton beach (13 minutes on a bicycle)
• Located 1 miles from Mizner Park (7 minutes on a bicycle)
• Lots of parking
• Publix, Trader Joes, Sonoco Gas Station, and Quick Mart all within walking distance
• Bus stop within walking distance at Camino Real & SW 3rd Ave

Sober Things to Do in Boca Raton

Boca House for Men is a sober house located in Boca Raton, Florida. We chose Boca Raton because the luxurious surroundings and warm weather help our clients remain clean and sober. We provide the comforts of home in every apartment. A sense of serenity and peace envelops the property as it is located in the heart of one of Boca Raton’s nicest neighborhoods.

In fact, Palm Beach County is often referred to as the alcohol and drug recovery capital of the United States. Every year, thousands of recovering addicts travel to Florida and our Boca Raton sober house is a place for men to get the support they need to recover.

We provide support to recovering addicts from all walks of life, no matter the drug of choice or the story, we can help.

What to Expect at Boca House

Experiencing the lushness of the natural environment helps heal the body and the mind as it lends itself to serene walks along the beach, bike riding, hiking and sunning. The ability to enjoy one’s environment is a mark of recovery. The desire to go for a run and/or a swim in the property’s pool or the nearby ocean further enhances the development of a healthy lifestyle changes and the development of healthy recreational activities—to say nothing of rebuilding the body’s strength.

Food, shopping, museums, and meetings, are just minutes away in any direction. The transition from using to sober living can be difficult and confusing. But, learning to enjoy the environment, using the body in a healthy way, and living in a beautiful environment all aid a sense of well-being. A wonderful sober experience in a structured halfway house for men strengthens the newly recovering addict or alcoholic’s commitment to a new and better way of life.

  • A place to find employment – most of our residents find jobs in the area
  • A structured living environment
  • Access to counsellors and group therapy sessions
  • Daily assistance from an accredited sober living home in South Florida
  • We teach our clients how to integrate back into society

The work of recovery can be inspiring when your surroundings are attractive. Nature produces a profound sense of well-being, a phenomenon well studied. Boca House’s secure, safe, supportive community, combined with the natural environment is a recipe for recovery.

For an opportunity to begin living again in a beautiful, healthy environment that strengthens the foundation for recovery, call 877-957-8187.

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