Sober Living Facility

Boca House, a sober house for men is located in Boca Raton, Florida 1.5 miles from the beach. We believe that men who are recovering from addiction deserve a second chance. That includes where they live and neighborhoods in which the sober living houses are located. Boca Raton, considered one of the premiere communities in Florida, has beautiful public beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. Daily residents experience the warm ocean breezes while their eyes feast upon the lush green landscape and year-round flowering plants. Many of life’s necessities are accessible by foot and easy access to 12 Step Meetings is available from Boca House.

Three facilities comprise the Boca House property each accommodating male-only residents who are in recovery. We provide Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III housing determined by the length and progress in recovery after completion of treatment or detox. Only men who are clean and sober may be considered for our sober living houses. (Other housing options are available for those who relapse or who are still in IOP or PHP.)

Our residence has support staff present 24/7. Consultations with therapists are arranged as needed for an additional fee.Our residents receive more support than at the usual men’s transitional home. We want our residents to succeed in recovery and life.

In every Phase (I, II, III), there are 1,2, or 3 bedroom apartments. Each bedroom has two occupants. It is best for a newly recovering addict to avoid isolation,a typical behavior of substance abusers. Healthy relationships with others need to be learned; new habits and ways of behaving outside the drug and alcohol environment need to be developed. As much as possible, all roommates are placed in age appropriate housing. That means making meaningful connections and forming bonds with men who are sober and clean. Each Phase has different rules. The rules concerning supervision change, as each resident grows more skilled and disciplined at living and being responsible.

Every apartment comes fully furnished, including kitchen supplies (not food), with sheets and a pillow (towels and blankets must be brought or bought) for each resident. Since everyone must be either working, in school, or volunteering, we provide internet access and laptop computers in every apartments, as well as communal TVs in each unit.

Recovery means taking care of your personal environment as well as maintaining all aspects of personal hygiene. Mandatory cleaning times assist residents in developing appropriate personal habits. A laundry facility is on location so that clean clothes are always available. Since our men seek employment,maintain employment,or appear in the public daily, clean clothes are a must. Having the laundry facility on site saves you time and money.

We want to make it as easy as possible for our men to obtain work and go to work. The public bus stops in front of Boca House, and literally minutes away one can get to the Tri-Rail. Our Career Center develops working resumes and online job searches to help our residents become gainfully employed. Those who need to go for interviews may be driven by a staff member, should time and events allow. Otherwise, public transportation works well.

Further enhancing recovery, our men can use the pool and the fully equipped weight room. Following detox and/or treatment, building the body’s strength –physically and mentally– helps the progression of recovery. Studies illustrate that mood and cognitive function are better when anyone exercises, especially those in early recovery. Exercise also helps fight negative feelings such as depression and cravings.

Finally, to help relax after looking for work, working, going to school or volunteering, our residents can enjoy sitting by the pool, grill their dinner and dine outside at the picnic benches. Before retiring, our men unwind in the beautiful evening weather of Florida while experiencing sober relationships. This may be the first time in years or the first time some of our newly sober men have had this experience.

Boca House stands apart from other men’s sober communities in Florida. Men are welcome to live at Boca House as long as they feel the need to be in a supervised, sober living home. In fact, Boca House has a graduate level facility for those who have no place to go or who cannot return to a family home. Your sobriety is that important to us! We will not abandon you as long as you do the work and demonstrate a continued desire to live clean and sober.

To gain admission to this unique, safe, supportive environment call Boca House for Men at 877-957-8187.

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