As the opiate epidemic worsens, many people are finally fighting back by finding their sobriety. At Boca House for Men, we provide continuing support for recovery, offering effective housing options for men in recovery. Our halfway house helps men successfully maintain Florida sober living, giving residents a supportive environment for their recovery. Resisting relapse and solidifying sobriety starts by finding sober living homes for opiate addicts that support independence and recovery. At Boca House for Men, we are here to help.

What Expect at a Halfway House

Many residents enter our residence after completing rehab for men. Our sober living home is an ideal step to take after competing inpatient rehab, as this program allows men to develop sustained tools of sobriety in a more independent living environment. Our residence is also popular for men who are engaged in PHP, IOP, or OP programs. Whether you are choosing our Florida sober living resources for post-residential treatment or you’re choosing our facility for ongoing outpatient resident support, we offer a supportive housing experience.

At our sober living house, you can expect a structured yet supportive environment. We require all residents to adhere to our house rules that apply to men at all levels of treatment. All men are expected to:

  • Be free of drugs of alcohol
  • Seek employment or education
  • Get a sponsor & attend meetings
  • Avoid aggressive behaviors
  • Keep apartments clean
  • Submit to urine tests
  • Attend community meetings
  • Follow curfew
  • & more

These rules are designed to help our residents in all phases and stages of their recovery. Our facility is located in Boca Raton, placing it close to a wide variety of rehab and recreational resources. Parks, malls, museums, and the beach are close by.

The Benefits of a Halfway House

You can expect a true sense of community at our sober living home for opiate addicts. A supportive community that is free of alcohol and drugs can help with continued sobriety, giving patients a safe space to continue their growth in sobriety. The support system offered at sober living homes provides drug-free friendships and encouraging groups which benefit an individual’s recovery [1].

Our sober living home options are unique from inpatient residency in treatment. Sober living homes are environments free of dangerous substances, just as with residential treatment facilities. But there are other differences. Our sober living home supports sobriety with accountability groups and ongoing support of independent growth. Patients benefit from the unique environment offered at sober living houses [2] over many other treatment and post-treatment options.



1- NCBI, Sober Living Houses for Alcohol and Drug Dependence

2- NCBI, Eighteen Month Outcomes for Clients Receiving Combined Outpatient Treatment and Sober Living Houses

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