Looking for some date ideas for you hubby hubby this Valentine’s Day? We have you covered, ladies (and gentlemen) who love their men, we know you want to make sure you arrive giving them a shot at the most memorable Valentine’s Day date ever. Or at very least, make it pretty cool. All of these date ideas for men in recovery were hand picked by our expert male dating gurus.

Well not really, but we did ask a lot of guys in recovery who have been through every single kind of dating experience you can think of – and this is what they told us.

Outdoor Concert

If you are dating in early recovery, then an outdoor arena with a bunch of booze hounds and people that are clearly doing drugs is not the most ideal place to go on a sober Valentine’s Day date. BUT if he can handle it then it’s a great idea. Our idea is to get a nice spot in the back and definitely go for lawn seats if available.

Homemade Dinner, Netflix and Cuddles

The holy trifecta of great at home dates. What’s great about a little Netlfix and chill is that you are away from all the alcohol and drugs and you miss all that Valentine’s Day craziness. There’s no way you should be waiting in line for 30 minutes to use the bathroom, uh uh. Take your man to a little place called the love casa and go full on Suzie-Homemaker.

He can tell if you try your hardest and he’ll be so appreciative cause lets be honest, he was probably thinking he would have to make the entire Valentine’s Day date thing happen himself.

Arcade, Mini Golf, Bowling

No more date ideas for men in recovery will come close to the joy of seeing your man inner child come out full swing. Try any of the activities above and guaranteed he will love it. You get to both have a fun night out and you get to stir up a little friendly competition.

There is such a fine line between flirty and competition. You’ll both be having lots of fun!

Spa Day

This is perfect if he is sharing a room or living at a sober home for men, get him out of the house and into something a little unexpected. As much as the guys will poke fun at spa days, massages and steam cleanses, you will be surprised how many boys actually like it. As long as it’s a very rare treat.

Take him out and give him a little bit of heck about the cucumbers over his eyes. He’ll love it! We’ve said that exercise is necessary in sober living, but so is relaxation. If he doesn’t believe us tell him to read out blog about Relaxation & Mediation Tips for Men in Recovery

Favorite Video Game

Ok hear us out. I know you’re probably thinking “there is no way in the green good Earth I am going to spend an romantic evening staring at a TV screen and getting annoyed trying to be a cowboy or knight or car thief.

What do you have to lose? One evening, so big deal. Try something new, go out of your comfort zone and play a video game with you boy. There is like no other date ideas for men in recovery that will surprise him more. But you have to really try!

A DAy At The Beach

Yes its kinda cliche, but isn’t that what V day is all about? A little much of mooshy cliche mumbo jumbo? Take a trip to the beach and just spend the day relaxing in the sun. Take care of everything for the both of you: towels, sun screen, snacks and water. Then bring a great book or some really good music and just hang out.

What is He Good At?

One of the best ways to get a little closer and give him a memorable Valentine’s Day dates is to let him teach you something that is important to him. You probably know something he is really passionate about. Well let him show you his passion, ask to be included in his little world, even if just for a minute. It might really be the best sober Valentine’s Day date he has ever.

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