Study Reveals a New Way to Stop Excessive Binge Drinking

Recently, a study has come out that reveals that a natural protein in the brain could help put a stop to excessive drinking.

A compound, Neuropeptide, which is naturally found in the part of the brain that is responsible for managing risk and reward, has recently been discovered to put a halt to alcoholism.

According to Dr. Thomas L. Kash, pharmacology professor from the University of North Carolina who ran the study, “this anti-drinking effect was due to increasing inhibition (the brakes) on a specific population of cells that produce a ‘pro-drinking’ molecule called corticotropin releasing factor. When we then mimicked the actions of NPY using engineered proteins, we were also able to suppress binge alcohol drinking in mice.” This discovery, made by the study using mice as test subjects, could be a way to revolutionize treatment for substance abuse.

Dr. Todd E. Thiele, co-author of the study and professor of psychology at UNC, explains that, “what is particularly exciting is that these finding suggest that restoring NPY may not only be useful for treating alcohol use disorders, but may also protect some individuals from becoming alcohol dependent.”

While it will still be a while before scientists can do the clinical trials and have gotten approval from the FDA – this discovery could potentially change the lives of many suffering from addiction. Not only that, it could make a drastic change for the better for those who have struggled with recovery and maintaining sobriety.

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