Ho Ho Ho Hold up a minute are we staying sober during the holidays? You bet we are! We are dreaming of a white Christmas, not a black out holiday season. The benefits of sobriety are amplified over the holidays because this is the time of year when people indulge a little too much. Not us though. We have been through the men’s sober living home, the steps, the treatment, and the bad times.

So, hold on to your non-spiked eggnog and let’s kick off this holiday season the right way playa. These are the most notable benefits of sobriety, the ones you’ll notice the most while staying sober during the holidays.

No Dreaded Hangovers

You’ll wake up with a little pep in your step and ready to take on the world. No grogginess, no headache, no unexplained party injuries, and no moral hangovers. Waking up fresh as a daisy is even better when you notice everyone else around you is struggling. Here’s to a sober season, fellas.

You Get to Enjoy the People Around You

The best part of sobriety over the holidays is that you can actually enjoy the family visits, the time with friends, and the get togethers. You can have fun, interesting conversations, and you get to remember them in the morning.

You Have More Money to Spend on Gifts

No more crazy bar tabs, expensive uber rides, and late-night fast food runs. Staying sober during the holidays is surprisingly cheap. It doesn’t cost a nearly as much to see a movie or grab a coffee. Those bar tabs are brutal over the holidays, aren’t they?

You Are the DD and Unsung Hero

You get to be the unsung hero and take your slightly tipsy, frequently-buzzed family members home after gatherings because you are sober as a judge. The benefits of sobriety are the moments where you get to give back, chip in, and see your family members get blasted and say silly things. It’s all in good fun.

You Can Be Yourself

No more hiding behind booze or drugs, no more living for other people, it’s just you and you are staying sober during the holidays. All that anxiety, depression, and straight-up murkiness is gone. The benefits of sobriety are clarity to be yourself. Take advantage of every moment.

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