Alright fellas, it’s time for the compulsory blog about new year resolutions for men in recovery. The blog that you expect to see on every men’s sober living website this time of year. Instead of saying the same old thing that every treatment center says, we figure we will give you some simple, attainable resolutions as well as tips to stick to your resolutions.

Tip 1 – No More Zero Days

Sticking to your new year resolution requires that you maintain consistency, and that you try do something every day. This is where the Zero Days concept can help.

The idea of the Zero Day was first introduced and created by redditor Ryans01. A zero day is a day where you accomplished nothing at all. The idea is that no matter what, you cannot have any zero days anymore. You have to accomplish at least one thing every day. It could be writing a single paragraph in your journal, or doing 15 minutes of cardio or 10 pushups. The full Zero Day post is extremely helpful and we recommend you read it for some new year motivation.

If you don’t take anything else from this list of resolutions for men in recovery, we hope you at least remember this concept.

Tip 2 – Write It Down Daily

Write down your goals and resolutions daily. It doesn’t matter where you write it or when you write it, it only matters that you physically write down your goal every day. Doing this will help keep your resolutions at the forefront of your mind every day.

Tip 3 – Reward Yourself

There’s really no use in following all these resolutions for men in recovery if you don’t reward yourself for following through. Cooked a healthy meal at home to save money and be healthy? Great, now reward yourself with an hour of video games. Whatever it is you need to stay motivated, be sure to reward yourself.

Resolution 1 – Get Better Sleep

Simple, yet oh so difficult. The truth is, we are all so sleep deprived and it’s getting worse. But the truth is that we may not be sleep deprived, but darkness deprived and we may just need to turn the lights off.1

Make your resolution to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. This will drastically change your life in more ways than you may realize. The routine and the sleep will change the way you feel every day.

Resolution 2 – Make Your Bed Every Morning

Another resolution for men in recovery that is simple but life changing. Make your bed every day to instill a sense of discipline and a sense of overall cleanliness in your home. This is an attainable goal that you can reach every day with just a little bit of work and discipline.

Resolution 3 – Read For 1 Hour A Week

Sure you can read books about recovery, but don’t limit yourself. Find a great fiction book and dive in. Even the busiest person can find 1 hour a week to sit quietly and read. Set some time aside for this activity and you’ll read more books in 2019.



[1]: IFL Science – Are We Sleep-Deprived Or Just Darkness-Deprived?

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