Stress management techniques are so helpful for men in recovery, especially men dealing with anger, resentment and other long term, taxing emotions. Though these are relaxation techniques for recovering men, they can be used by just about anyone. Share it with friends and family for bring up some of these methods in your next session and ask for more guidance.

Relaxation exercise can also help with mild to moderate depression [1]. A lot of what you may be feeling through your journey of recovery, can be aided by meditation. You can practice these in your sober living home in a just a few minutes a day.

There is no losing scenario. The short amount of time it might take to practice a few relaxation techniques might be well worth the potential results.


Is there any really anything more cliché than just telling someone to breathe? When we are stressed we forget to breathe, and when we are really stressed we can’t breathe very well at all. Shortness of breath is a symptom of panic attacks [2].

It takes only a few minutes.

The simplest and most immediately effective way to relax is to take a few deep breathes.

This is the only relaxation techniques for recovering men that can be done almost anywhere, even during conversations. Focus on your breathing.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Also known as Jacobson’s muscle relaxation technique, this method is the fantastic way to systematically relax your body. This exercise is also good for working out. You will learn to target specific muscle groups which comes in handy when weightlifting.

It takes about 30 minutes.

  • Lay down.
  • Focus your attention on a certain muscle group.
  • Tense that muscle group for a few seconds, then release.
  • Continue that while working your way around your body.

Learn more about the progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a great way to achieve full body relaxation. It allows you to involve our thoughts as well, allowing you to meditate as well.

It takes about 45 minutes.

  • Lay down or sit in a comfortable position.
  • Completely relax your muscles.
  • Go around your body focusing on certain areas.
  • Say in your mind “my arms are heavy”.
  • Try to feel these areas getting heavy, warm and calm

Learn more about the autogenic training.

Mindful Meditation

No list of relaxation techniques for recovering men would be complete without meditation would it

There are books, classes and even apps dedicated to mindful meditation. There’s not much more we can add to the conversation about meditation. The benefits of meditation are also very clearly known and accepted in the scientific community [3].

It’s easy to learn but difficult to master.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is similar to yoga in it’s focus on full body exercise and mindful relaxation. The difference is that Tai Chi is also a form of martial arts. The poses are actually defense stances.

It’s been used in China for thousands of years because of the both the physical and mental health benefits [4]. It’s filled with perfect relaxation techniques for recovering men who want to find a balance between physical and mental health.


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