Recovering from Addiction Alone This Summer

If you are recovering from addiction alone this summer, it is natural to feel concerned. It is difficult to weather this storm, and although Boca House does everything in its power to heal and recover you, the hard work continues when you return home. It is surely trickier to manage yourself without someone with you, but it’s not impossible. The challenge will only make you stronger, until one day you will feel invincible against any issue.

Here at Boca House, we wish to help you in any way we can; make sure to check out our offerings of advice to help you with recovering from addiction alone.

• Attend a support group. This way, you meet people who are going through the same challenges as you. Here at Boca House, you have the ability to bond over your common struggle, and you can offer your support to others and receive support in return. Studies show that giving to others is a natural release of dopamine in the brain, which makes a person feel rewarded.
• Keep a journal. Write down your feelings during the day. You are likely going to experience a wide range of emotions during the initial stages of recovering from addiction alone, and it is wise to jot them down. Writing is a cathartic process that helps you come to terms with your emotions and deal with them.
• Surround yourself with positive energy. Seek positive people in your life. Perhaps get a loving pet. Strike up a conversation with someone who seems compassionate and genuine. If you can’t find positive people, do not settle for people who will bring you down. It is healthier for you to be alone than to be around negative energy at this time.

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