Don’t panic. Buying gifts for men in recovery is not nearly as hard as you might think. Sure, you can’t get them a bottle of wine, but that’s something you only want to get your boss anyway. As long as it’s thoughtful, they will enjoy it. There are some go-to gifts for men in recovery that we think work every time.

Subscription Box – The Gift That Keeps Giving

Get him a subscription box, something that he will receive for as many months as you like. You can choose to send a box a month for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Here are some of our favorites that are perfect gifts for men:

This are our favorite fun gifts for men in recovery because they keep getting them and it’s like Christmas or Hanukah once a month.

Get Him a Book

Get him the gift of some perspective and a little alone time. Books are great gifts for men in recovery because they offer both. The best books for men in recovery don’t have to be about recovery, but having a relatable experience just makes the book more special. Pro tip: don’t give him this gift in front of lots of people and explain it to him so he is not embarrassed by it. He could be a sensitive dude, so be sure to know him well first.

Some of the nest books include:

Also consider audio books for the non-reading type. We all commute, go to the gym, or simply sit with our headphones in. Audio books are more fun to listen to than you might realize!

A Journal

If there’s one thing that men in recovery understand, it’s journaling. Step 4 in the 12 Step program is all about making a tally of everything you have done. That gives everyone in recovery a taste of real journaling and for some, that sticks. Or they may have forgotten how therapeutic that is.

You can find really great, leather-bound journals at stationary stores or bookstores. Check your local Barnes and Noble for some really great options.

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