Detaching from an Addict

Living with an addict or being in a relationship with an addict can have serious negative effects on your well-being, with constant unpredictability and pain.  You might think it’s impossible to separate yourself from someone suffering from addiction, as you may feel responsible for them. Detaching is a difficult concept for many people who can’t stand the intense powerlessness of letting go. Boca House for Men knows detaching from an addict doesn’t necessarily mean cutting them off or ending your relationship; it means modifying your behavior to ensure you’re not enabling or supporting their addiction. Detaching with love just shows you care enough about a person to let them learn from their own mistakes.

How can you detach with love?

Detaching from an addict starts with letting go of control. Often, those who love addicts will cover up their behavior and protect them from facing the reality of their choices. Things like calling in to work for them, or giving them money for their addiction is only prolonging the behavior. Eventually, you must let the addict experience the consequences of their behavior rather than constantly take responsibility for them. Until they agree to go to a sober living home for men, detach yourself from them.

Don’t participate in the chaos. Stay away from situations where the addict is drinking or using drugs. Do not spend time with them when they are using. Don’t ride in the car with them if they have been drinking or plan on it.

Boca House for Men in Boca Raton strongly urges that you think about your needs. Being so involved in someone else’s addiction takes a heavy toll on your well-being. Detaching from an addict opens the opportunity for you to do something positive for yourself rather than being weighed down by another person’s destructive actions. Turn all that love effort and energy you expend on the addict towards yourself instead.

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