There are some challenges which are universal, yet difficult to describe. The loss of a parent, friend, sibling, or loved one can be incredibly devastating to any man. The overwhelming emotions and pain of loss can be difficult to cope with, causing men to turn to drinking. Studies show that men typically drink more than women do, and this drinking is linked to the gendered practice of demonstrating masculinity, strength, and fearlessness [1]. With such masculine associations, many men wind up turning to drinking in times of grief as a means to express emotion the best they can, and they may also be looking to foster emotional connections with others [1]. Unfortunately, drinking will only distance men from these goals.

If you used to turn to alcohol when you were facing trying times, it can be tough to learn new, healthy coping mechanisms. But, coping with loss without drinking is one important component of Florida sober living. At Boca House for Men, we know how overwhelming grief and loss can be. But a loss does not have to equal relapse. Our men’s treatment center shares tips for properly coping with loss without relapsing.

Honor Your Emotions, and Don’t Worry About Masculinity

Sadly, there are stigmas around emotions like sadness. For some men, feelings of sadness challenge the social norms of masculinity. These masculine norms demand that men control their emotions, and assert that true men are never vulnerable [2], which can compound the sorrows of a loss, creating cycles where men feel guilty for feeling sad or helpless. One healthy coping mechanism is to honor your emotions. Don’t bully yourself for being sad. Instead, recognize the sadness for what it is, and understand that this will pass. This is an important component of reaching the acceptance stage of the 5 stages of grief [3].

Get Support from Your Support Systems

Everyone needs a support system to work through life’s challenges. At Boca House for Men, we’ve built a community of hope at our sober living home for alcoholics. At our rehab for men, patients support one another in their recovery journey. This includes guiding each other through any losses, grief, or challenges. A community of support makes all the difference in Florida sober living.

In addition to connecting with your community at a sober living home for alcoholics, also consider connecting with the counselors and therapists at your men’s treatment center. Therapists, counselors, and grief counselors can help you through these tough times.

This Too Shall Pass

Your grief may feel overwhelming, but it is important to understand that you will not feel this way forever. Drinking will only worsen your grief and make the pain last longer. Instead of trying to numb the pain, you must face your feelings to strengthen yourself and grow from this grief. After all, facing the reality of life is one component of Florida sober living.


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