Avoiding High Risk Situations in Recovery

Former addicts can feel vulnerable during the recovery phase. Trying to eliminate and change past habits and behaviors while simultaneously learning new ones can allow frustration and stress to arise. Therefore, it’s important for addicts to avoid high risk situations, which can trigger a relapse.

Boca House, a sober living facility for men stresses prevention strategies to help men stay on a sober path to a better life. Therefore, we help men identify which situations can be deemed “high risk”, and teach coping mechanisms to work through them.

Common high risk situations include:

-Being in the presence of past people, places, and situations that facilitated past drug and alcohol use.

-Boredom, loneliness, anger, or exhaustion.

-Financial stress.

-Refusal to acknowledge you have a drug or alcohol problem.

-Continuing with compulsive behavior; gambling, oversleeping, overworking

Our sober living facility for men provides a safe community for men to live a sober lifestyle, which eliminates the temptation of drug and alcohol use. We provide activities that help avoid boredom, and therapy sessions that allow men to talk openly and honestly about their past with addiction. Group meetings help to establish life skills and methods of coping with anger and frustration. Family members and loved ones can visit men in recovery, as well as keep an open line of communication to establish a level of support and positivity.

Living with people in a similar recovery situation as yours can help you to understand that you are not fighting an addiction all alone. Call Boca House’s sober living facility for men today for help.

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