Men in recovery all want to get sober, and they want to stay sober as well. There are some things men may not know about sobriety, such as benefits and risks of relapse. At Boca House for Men, we offer sobriety support for men in many stages of recovery. Our halfway house for men offers support an accountability. As men work through our program, they experience a variety of improvements in their lives thanks to sobriety. There are some things which are true for the majority of men in recovery.

Fact: There’s Always Room for Growth

After completing treatment and moving out of a men’s sober living home, some men think they’re all done with treatment. But at Boca House for Men, we know that there is always work to be done for long-term recovery. It can be all too easy to slip back into behaviors of addiction, and men must always work to stay on track. Albeit, the work will typically be less intensive after finishing treatment. Some men meet with sponsors weekly, others check in with support systems daily.

Fact: Health Improves

It’s no surprise that drugs and alcohol are dangerous to your health. There are the immediate dangers of overdose or alcohol poisoning, but there can also be serious dangers associated with prolonged substance abuse. A staggering 27% of drug users die within 20 years of starting regular use [1], and there can be many problems connected with addiction that can lead to death as well. Men who find sobriety can experience improved overall health and a prolonged lifespan.

Fact: Relapse Doesn’t Happen All at Once

Relapse develops gradually in stages, sometimes taking months or even years to come to fruition. The stages include emotional relapse, mental relapse, and physical relapse [2]. By listening to the cues of relapse, such as missing the “fun” you used to have while using, or physically craving a drug, men can get the help they need to prevent a relapse from occurring.


Fact: Relationships Will Improve

Let’s face it, addiction takes a lot out of anyone. This isolating problem pushes men away from their friends and family. When addiction is cut out of the picture, men have the ability to regain relationships which have been damaged by substance abuse. They also form more meaningful relationships without drugs or alcohol holding them back.

Addiction, alcoholism, and substance abuse are challenging problems for any man to face. But, sobriety is possible. Contact our treatment professionals at Boca House for Men to learn how we can help with your recovery.


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