Warning Signs of an Oncoming Relapse

Dramatic portrait of a bearded man. There are warning signs of relapse that men should keep a look out for after addiction treatment in Boca.Sober living in Florida is often threatened by relapse. Relapse is using drugs or alcohol after a period of sobriety. But, it is not failure. A relapse can be difficult, but you can still fight for sobriety after relapsing. Typically, relapse is set off by triggers, which are stimuli that tempt a sober person to use again. Triggers can include people, places, songs, or other influences. Negative life events, stresses, and other challenges can also cause relapse to occur.

At Boca House for Men, we know that relapses happen. But after relapsing, you can still fight for your sober living in Florida by getting back on track with your recovery journey. Following relapse, most men need to detox and start at square one of their recovery. But, they take with them all the lessons they’ve learned, and they can sustain sobriety.

Though it’s possible to get back on track with men’s sober living following relapse, avoiding relapse in the first place is always the best option. You can do this by keeping an eye out for warning signs of relapse, and addressing these signs before relapse can occur. Our men’s sober house shares common warning signs of relapse.

Warning Signs of an Oncoming Relapse Include:

  • Taking a trip down memory lane. If the past starts to look rosier than normal, you may be looking at signs of an oncoming relapse. Remembering your addiction without looking back at all its troubles will skew your view and shine a dark light on your sobriety. If you revisit old bars or places where you used to use, you’re setting yourself up for relapse.
  • Not coping with stress properly. Stress and difficult life experiences are some of the biggest triggers for relapse. Knowing how to cope with stress without drugs or alcohol is the key to sobriety. If you’re not sure how to handle the stress in your life, you need more support to avoid relapse.
  • Feeling like you don’t need meetings anymore. Sobriety isn’t given, it’s something that you pay for everyday with hard work and dedication. Meetings are a crucial part of sustained sober living in Florida. If you think that you don’t need meetings anymore, or if you’ve already stopped going, you’re setting yourself up for relapse. You need to work on your sobriety everyday.
  • Choosing the wrong crowd. Hanging out with your old friends you used to use with won’t support your sobriety. Old friends and social circles can be a big trigger for relapse, especially if they don’t support your recovery.
  • Substituting a new addiction. Addiction isn’t exactly about the specific substance you were using. It’s about needing anything to replace or fill a void within yourself. So if you’re suddenly exercising like crazy, or you’ve become obsessed with your job to an unhealthy level, you’ve just replaced one addiction with another.

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