A Typical Day in a Sober Living Facility for Men

Boca House for Men is a treatment facility offering sober living for menFollowing treatment at a men’s treatment center, most men aren’t 100% ready to jump back into everyday life. At Boca House for Men, we understand how difficult it can be to transition back into everyday life after completing treatment at a men’s treatment center. This is why we’ve worked to make our sobriety house the perfect stepping stone to help men adjust back to everyday life with their newfound sobriety.

Some men are hesitant to enter a men’s recovery house in Boca. Maybe they think it will be too strict of an environment, or they think that they’ll be stuck with the wrong program for their needs. These are perfectly valid concerns that we would like to address. While each and every day will be different no matter where you live, there are some things you can expect on a daily basis when living at our sobriety house for men.

What to Expect at Boca House for Men

At our recovery house in Boca, we like to help men adjust to normalcy by keeping a reliable routine for all residents of our home. Residents will typically wake up at an early, but reasonable, hour, such as 7-8 a.m. All residents are required to keep their beds made and rooms in a tidy fashion to support a great start to the day.

In some sobriety homes, men cook their own food. In others, there is a kitchen staff to take care of this. Whether cooking or eating a prepared meal, residents typically eat their first meal of the day together. This way, men can build comradery in their sober living community.

Following breakfast, men at our IOP house generally prepare for work, classes, or outpatient treatment. Each man has his own path, so the exact trajectory of the day will vary from resident to resident. For most men who have gotten sober, they are expected to work and pay rent while living at our recovery house in Boca. This helps men relearn skills of productivity and redevelop responsibility for themselves in a supportive environment.

After work and school are over, residents will complete their daily house tasks. Residents take care of their IOP house the same way they would care for their own home. This includes cleaning and taking out the garbage to keep the home in good shape.

In between work, school, and therapy, men are encouraged to pursue hobbies or meditation in their down-time. Meditation, exercise, and other hobbies can support sobriety well beyond a man’s time in treatment.

Following their daily programs, responsibilities, and chores, residents will enjoy an evening meal. These meals are relaxing times where residents can discuss their day, address any issues, or celebrate another successful day of sobriety.

Rules at Our Sobriety House

At our sobriety house, we expect all residents to follow specific rules while residing in our facility. These rules include:

  • Paying rent. Staying in a sober living house is not free. Residents must provide rent money to continue their stay and recovery in a safe environment.
  • No romantic relationships with the staff or other members inside the facility.
  • Keep up with your household duties. Just like living with a roommate, you must pull your weight in the house, or this could lead to bad feelings amongst those trying to focus on recovery.

When living at Boca House, it’s important for men to remember that they’re a part of a recovery community. Residents must be sensitive to the needs of their fellow residents, and they must work together.

At Boca House for men, we believe that privileges and flexibility are earned. The further a resident is in his recover and the more responsibility he maintains at the house, the more freedom he will have while living at our sober living house for men.

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