What You Should Know About Getting Sober

What You Should Know About Getting Sober

Those facing the decision of breaking an addiction and getting sober are sometimes faced with concerns, such as if it’s the right time to get sober, if their problem is considered bad enough for the need to get sober, and if they’ll be bored or unsatisfied living a sober life.

Boca House, a sober living facility for men, understands these concerns, since transitioning into a sober life does call for many changes. However, we do know there are a lot of misconceptions about what a sober life entails.

When you are considering breaking an addiction, the following is what Boca House sober living facility for men thinks you should know about getting sober.

Don’t waste time wondering if your problem is bad enough to get sober.

Many people are hesitant to admit to an addiction and participate in a rehabilitation program, simply because they don’t believe their problem is “bad enough” to require treatment. Instead of wasting time wondering if you should get sober, consider this: if stopping drinking or using drugs has crossed your mind at all, there is likely a good reason for it. Although your situation may not be as bad as some people you know, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have a problem, or that it can’t get worse. Understand that there is no threshold or requirement to turn to sobriety – anyone is welcome at any stage of life.

A successful sobriety is all about the right attitude.

As with all aspects of life, attitude is everything. If you go into sobriety expecting it to be terrible, or short term – it will be. You need to set your goals and intentions from day one, and be realistic with yourself. You should understand that sobriety and recovery don’t happen overnight. Look at it as a chance to turn your life around, which requires effort each day. Keeping a positive attitude in your approach will allow you to grow and face sobriety with the right attitude, which will change every aspect of your recovery.

A sober life is not a boring life.

This is perhaps the biggest misconception about sobriety. A sober life does not mean a boring life. Once you become sober you will soon recognize all the ways you can still have fun, spend time with people you love, and truly enjoy yourself without being impaired or putting yourself or others in danger. At Boca House’s sober living facility for men, your days will be far from boring.  Learning how to spend time sober will make you more thankful for genuine time spent enjoying yourself, rather than regretting blackouts and drunken mistakes.

Each person’s personal recovery journey is unique; however, it is beneficial to understand that sobriety can be achieved at any point in your life. Boca House can help you break free from a drug and alcohol addiction, and work toward a sober, healthy, and happy life.

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