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Sober Living House For Men

At Boca House for Men, we’re so much more than a rehab for men. We’re a men’s sober community in Florida with the distinction of being in operation for over 25 years. Steve Manko founded his halfway house for men after he completed treatment in South Florida and he realized he needed to stay in Florida with his support system. Manko understood that people need a safe and secure place to reside away from the triggers and temptations of living situations associated with substance abuse. Our community was founded on the idea of supporting men’s sober living through safe and supportive halfway housing solutions.

25 years later, we stand apart as an example of successful men’s sober living support. Our halfway house is a beacon for sober living in Florida, offering men the support they need for their recovery. We are a dedicated, supervised, structured, 12-Step based sober living house. We offer men an environment that has been developed to strengthen sober living habits. Living in recovery can be challenging for newly clean and sober individuals, or even those who have had relapsed after long-term sobriety. A structured environment and strong 12-Step principles guiding daily behavior can be the key to maintaining men’s sober living.

There is a vast difference between halfway houses, or sober living houses. They are not state-regulated, nor are all of them truly sober living environments. Boca House for Men does not warehouse individuals. You will not find twelve men in a bedroom at Boca House.

Boca House provides focused quality living environments for men rebuilding self-esteem, health, spiritual well-being, and careers. Our residents must be dedicated to living clean and sober lives. They must be willing to live by the house rules and guidelines. Boca House residents are serious about recovery, and are the best support network for those newly sober thereby improving outcomes years after completion of rehab for men.

If you want a unique, powerful, supportive, safe environment to learn how to live a sober quality life, call 877-957-8187.

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