Descriptive Real Estate domain
Now Available for Acquisition

This is a rare opportunity to own a category-defining dot com domain name. Why is that so powerful?

  • Building keywords into your domain, without peripheral prefixes and suffixes,
    makes it easy and natural for your clients to find you, with the intuitive way that people think.
  • Owning the keyword domain for your region strengthens to your brand.
    The category domain name holder becomes the defacto Perceived Leader; there is a lot of cachet and prestige in owning the whole category.
  • Defensively: prevents competitors from holding that strong position in the marketplace
    It gives Google yet another indicator that you are a serious company in that category.
  • They claim that it does not make a difference, but we have seen it give us, and our SEO clients, an advantage when climbing the ranking echelons of the SERPs.
  • Great keyword domain names appreciate in value over time. This is especially true of .com domains, since they are the Gold Standard of domain names for people serious about business.
  • For less than the fees you will earn from a single case lead,
    you will own this strategic market asset (forever, as long as you keep up annual renewal fees
    (currently $9-$15 a year) to renew the domain name at your registrar of choice.)
Are you that company?
If you are that company, reach out to us today

Note: We have helped many firms acquire important keyword domains over the last 3 decades,
and are conscientious to make sure that every transaction is a smooth experience.
This includes startups, small businesses, growing mid-size businesses and even large corporations.
You might recognize brands like Purina, Shire, Allergan, McAfee and many others.
We treat every size customer with the same commitment to a great relationship.


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